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Omni~View is built for the Portable Storage industry. We actively work with leading portable storage operators to solve industry challenges and stay abreast of evolving needs. Join an elite group of over 100 National Portable Storage Association members benefiting from Omni~View.

Stay Connected in the cloud

Enjoy the benefits of connecting from anywhere to your cloud-hosted environment, while maintaining the power of a full-featured desktop application.

Eliminate Lost equipment

Using Excel for inventory management but still losing equipment? Never again. Omni~View's integrated inventory management module always knows the location and status of all equipment.

never miss billing again

Omni~View processes all of your billing and connects to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and many other popular accounting systems.

and so much more ...

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3 months Free

Get started with Omni~View today and get 3 months FREE on your first license. 
It all starts with you requesting a demo. From there, our team will reach out to schedule a demo. We are excited to learn more about your business and give you a demo of Omni~View! Implementation fees still apply. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Omni~View is a cloud-based application, but self-hosting options are also available. Enjoy the many benefits of a cloud-hosted environment, including the ability to connect from anywhere and world-class data redundancy.

OV2016, Omni~View’s feature-rich desktop application, requires a modern Windows environment. As a data-driven, cloud-based application, network and internet speeds are very important and often the limiting factor when it comes to loading data within the application.

*While a native Mac client is not available, we work with a number of Mac users to connect to OV2016 within a remote session.

Yes, we have a number of device-independent web applications:

Omni~Veiw’s Mobile Dispatch web application allows drivers to accept and complete tasks from the road with their tablet or smartphone. Make inspection markup, take pictures of the unit, get signatures and store the whole transaction electronically.

Omni~View’s Mobile Gate Ops web application allows yard operators to record interchanges directly into their tablet or smartphone. Inspect equipment, take pictures, get driver signatures and optionally print a signed receipt to an integrated thermal hip printer.

Omni~View’s Customer Portal web application allows your customers to register credit cards and pay invoices online.

Note: OV2016, Omni~View’s feature-rich desktop application, connects over the internet but is not a mobile application.

In 2003 we noticed a changing tide in the marketplace. For years, small businesses relied on keeping records and billing by hand. The unfortunate result too often was lost equipment and missed billing. Seeing a growing need for a better solution, we created Omni~View to help local container and trailer operators save time and money (not to mention sleepless nights!) by automating equipment management tasks that were traditionally done by hand. From the beginning, our vision included plugging into popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks, to leverage popular, proven and economical accounting solutions used by many throughout the industry.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent! Please contact us for more details.

What our customers say

As eight-year users of Omni~View, the Mobile Dispatch feature Omni~View recently added is PHENOMENAL! It’s one of the best feature additions offered to date. It makes Omni~View an even more powerful platform with which to efficiently operate our storage container and storage trailer business. To date, it is the absolute WOW in your product. We love it!!! Thank you to all of the Omni~View and ICS team!!! Keep up the great work.
Rick Grannan
VP Containers for Less, Raleigh, NC
Life Saver! Coming from C.H. Robinson, a fortune 500 company, to a family owned, small- to medium-sized business was a lifestyle change. Thankfully, I met Pete Harris and was introduced to Omni~View. OV helped us ditch the magnet tags and bring our inventory into real time. The accuracy of our data is 10-fold better, and getting the info to our drivers can happen almost instantly. We now have the ability to catch our mistakes and correct them in seconds, because who is perfect? Honestly, Omni~View is a must for anyone in the Portable Storage-Trailer Rental industries! Take the chance on these guys and you will save yourself many future headaches!
Joe Brockman
Co-Owner Brockman Trucking, Afton, MN
Eighteen years ago, we switched to a “rental software.” It served us well for many years. While it was a huge improvement over 5” x 7” inventory cards and handwritten ledgers, it slowly fell behind. Technology changed. My need for quick information grew. I found myself maintaining information in the legacy system, on inventory cards and in over 20 spreadsheets. Maintaining everything became an overwhelming daily challenge. Plus, the system was too complicated to teach. Admin needed streamlining. I’d heard amazing reviews about Omni~View, and sent them an email: “I hear you can make my life easier." I saw a demonstration and immediately saw the time- and money-savings potential. I don’t’ think change is ever easy. But Omni-View took us through implementation step-by-step, kept us on track, worked around our schedule and saw us through the process. Omni~View has been nothing but helpful and a pleasure to work with. With Omni~View’s help, I’m retiring my Excel spreadsheets, finding the information with a few clicks and leaving the office on time. I wouldn’t want to take this journey with any other.
Sallie Ann Conner
VP Schneider Trailer and Container Rental, Newark, DE
I’m very pleased with Omni~View. During the initial process, Omni~View took the time to understand our vision and workflows and found a way to successfully implement them into the program for us. They are extremely skilled, flexible and very proactive. They have always stayed on top of changes we’ve requested and their turnaround time and responsiveness is second to none from my experience with other companies. They’ve helped streamline many facets of our operation and have kept the program very user friendly and easy to generate a report at any given moment. I can honestly say they’ve been a pleasure to work with. Great group of people with the highest work ethic. When you work with Omni~View, you don’t feel like an outsider, they welcome you in as part of their team and keep you informed every step of the way. I highly recommend them.
Manny Kaminaris
Ops Mgr, Caru West Gulf, Houston, TX
Omni~View has changed the game for our container sales and rentals business! We’ve gotten solid results as we do inventory on-site, and our rental inventory has never been more accurate and easy to maintain. The program is very user friendly and the support team is awesome, available and ready to help any time. The response for tech support is fast and the team at Incisive is always working to improve the software. We’ve been very happy with Omni~View and highly recommend it for container companies everywhere.
Becky Roper
Kustom Container, LLC, St. George, UT
Fort Collins Mobile Storage started using Omni~View in August of 2017. Let’s face it: learning something new is daunting and easy to put off. I myself put OV off for months. I mainly wanted to utilize the inventory piece, however after the first month of invoicing out of OV I was pleasantly surprised with the process. The learning curve was much smoother than I expected from earlier experiences with other products. Also, I have to say, someone on Pete’s team is always by their phone. As a person who likes immediate answers, I appreciate their responsiveness. We started with Web Dispatch a couple months ago and it is a time saver. Before, I was writing it down, emailing drivers and entering in OV. Now it’s done in one step!
Betty DuBois
Manager, Fort Collings Mobile Storage, Ft. Collins, CO

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